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Learn three times faster by regularly training your hearing and oral skills. Whenever you like at your own pace with a 24/7 virtual campus, tutorials and one-to-one or reduced group classes.

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reasons to learn Chinese with Hanyu




Carefully selected vocabulary. 2500 essential Chinese words chosen according to level and frequency order. The aim is to speak much from the start.


One–to–one classes in which an experimented teacher will talk to you and write simultaneosly 4x1: hearing comprehension, reading, writing and speaking all in the same session.


There´s a whole world outside the classroom: we have created our own animated videos, audios, online games, and exercises of all kinds, all in mandarin Chinese so that you enjoy learning and look forward to studying every day.


Trained in the Hanyu method and philosophy. Carefully selected, since our method is based on empathy and connecting with the student. Devoted to you, highly motivated, eager to teach.


We will assess you so that your studying process best adapts to your needs.

- Official mandarin Chinese classes to reach HSK levels.
- Online Chinese course for adults.
- Online Chinese course for kids starting age 6.
- Online intensive courses.
- Intensive course in China.
- Chinese courses on site in our centres.
- Chinese courses for businessess sponsored by Fundae
- Chinese courses adapted to talented or gifted people
- Business Chinese courses
- Informal situations and social relations in Chinese.
- Chinese courses for travelling.
- Chinese courses for professionals, shops, hotels, coaches, restaurants and many more.
- Chinese protocol and business culture.


Because we are a PROFESSIONAL
and commited team

profesora de chino para aprender online


Because we have MOTIVATED students

alumnos motivados


Weekly one-to-one classes to succeed in your progress.


A personal coach will accompany you along your progress making sure you reach your goals. He will get in touch with you during the week and help you engage in immersion activities like exercises, videos and audios


Practice just anywhere at any time. Virtual campus 24/7, available 365 days so that you don’t skip a day without doing some exercise or watching videos to have a full immersion in the language using our method (books, apps, videos, games)

hanyu chinese school 4
hanyu chinese school-5
escuela de chino para niños para aprender online


With our method you will be speaking Chinese from the start.

Expand your knowledge and study now the language most widely spoken in the world, with 1186 million speakers. A growing number each day of companies value this language. Stand out!

Some companies that rely on us

Words selected by frequency order.
Videos, audios, self assessing tests, flashcards and more.
Days open 24/7 online.
Days of free access to our online campus, with no commitment. No need to pay or provide personal information.
One-to-one demo classes and tutorials. Completely free .


You will only need 6 months to reach HSK level 1

HSK official exams are valid worldwide.

Your will have access to professional teachers both in our site in Spain and online wherever you are.

You will learn 3 times faster because you are our focus.

Successful stories

miguel alumno de curso de chino online

Miguel Ángel

“In 2006, Oliver Rodríguez taught me my first Chinese classes. I found the methodology used combining flashcards, songs, non verbal language and much more, completely innovating. He always made my learning sessions very enjoyable and great fun. Today, I am pleased to collaborate as an ilustrator for the textbook that Hanyu Chinese School uses and I give talks in Chinese in front of audiences of hundreds of people.”

isaac alumno de curso de chino online

Isaac Jaramago

"I started from scratch and they just gave me the extra push I needed. They helped me have a solid foundation in the language and I now have HSK level 5 (C1). I teach Chinese in a private school in Málaga"

guillem alumno de aprender chino online

Guillem Prat

"I have been studying for 3 years and I am already in HSK 3 (B1). I have had different teachers at the school and I have to say both native and spaniards are very good instructors. They give dynamic and funny classes."

aprender chino online con oliver rodríguez

Oliver Rodríguez

Instructor and founder of
Hanyu Chinese School

As experts in coaching, our teachers guide, motivate and teach our students according to their needs, with the aim of helping them reach their goals.

“A motivated student is one that will have success”

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If you don’t have the time to attend a course in our school, learn Chinese with our online courses.