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What we offer in our courses?

A teacher just for you

You will not change teachers in each class. You will have a private teacher who will give you individualized and tailored online classes. You can choose the schedule you want.
Profesor privado: Disfruta de aprendizaje personalizado

Monitoring and coaching

Our method is as immersive as possible. Therefore, during the week, your teacher will contact you and give you exercises and audios to continue practicing.
Coaching personal para alcanzar tus metas

own platform

We have the best online platform to learn Chinese and Japanese. Our courses have hundreds of videos, Master Classes, exercises and games that will help you advance quickly with the language.

Plataforma diseñada para aprender

Own App
Hanyu Chinese School

We have designed an app to be able to follow the Chinese or Japanese course from your mobile device. Access courses, classes, games and much more content from anywhere.
Aprende chino desde cualquier lugar con tu dispositivo móvil

Access to daily group classes

With any of our plans you can access all the weekly review classes you want via Zoom. You will be able to participate live, review grammar concepts, improve your speaking and have fun learning together with other students.
Disfruta de nuestra clases grupales

Access to recorded classes whenever you want

You will be able to access all the review classes that have been carried out to date. If you missed the class with your group, don’t worry, you can watch it recorded as many times as you want and thus review the content or study whenever you want.
Disfruta de las clases de idiomas en cualquier momento y lugar. ¡Aprendizaje flexible!

Learn Chinese wherever and whenever you want

Nos adaptamos a tu horario, aprende con Hanyuchinesechool
We fully adapt to your schedule. You can have your private class at any time of the day.
Puedes repasar en nuestras clases grupales pronunciación y gramática
Review Chinese characters, pronunciation and grammar in daily group classes.
Utiliza nuestra plataforma interactiva aprendiendo sólo 15 min. por día
Study 15 min a day on our interactive platform following your teacher’s instructions.

Download our app to learn Chinese

Download the Hanyu Chinese School app and access the Chinese courses on our Online Campus, connect to group Chinese classes, listen to our podcasts and ask the teachers on our forum your questions.

Descarga la aplicación Hanyu en Play Store. Disponible para Android.
Aplicacion de Hanyu para aprender idiomas disponible en App Store.

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Learn Chinese with the best teachers

Su JiuJiong
Chinese teacher
Paulo Kim
Chinese teacher
Yuri Sakaguchi
Japanese teachers
Dennis García
Chinese teacher
Natalia Kim
Korean teacher
Daina Chen
Korean teacher

Any questions?

What is the free trial about?
Not to be missed. It is a half-hour class with a private teacher in which the teacher will assess your level and you will start learning Chinese or Japanese from scratch. If you are a beginner and you still have no idea of Chinese or Japanese, this will be your first contact with the language, and that day you will begin to take your first steps. Believe it or not, after the trial class you will leave feeling that in half an hour you have learned Chinese or Japanese. And if you already have some level of Chinese or Japanese and you simply want to improve or perfect it, the test will help you see what your level is and continue learning from there.
How are the one to one classes?
This is what you will like the most. The classes are private and are done by Skype, so at all times you and your teacher will be seeing each other and you will be able to talk. Classes last between half an hour and an hour. First, you will do a quick review of all the previous syllabi so that you never forget what you have already learned. Then you will learn new vocabulary and introduce it in the conversation (of course, the conversation will be in Chinese or Japanese as much as possible, always adapted to your level). And in the last part of the class you will learn to read and write and you will do oral exercises together. Time will fly by with our Chinese or Japanese course.
¿Podré elegir el horario que a mí me venga bien?
Por supuesto. Esa es una de las ventajas que tiene estudiar chino de manera online. Tú nos dices qué días y a qué hora quieres tener tus clases, y nosotros nos adaptamos  a tus necesidades. Y los ejercicios del Campus los puedes hacer cuando tú quieras, porque está abierto 24/7.
Will I be able to choose the schedule that suits me?
Of course. That is one of the advantages of studying Chinese or Japanese online. You tell us what days and at what time you want to have your classes, and we adapt to your needs. And you can do the Campus exercises whenever you want, because it is open 24/7.
How can I sign up?
Very easy. You have two options: 1) In the menu on the main page, click on “Sign up” , and there you can choose the teaching plan that best suits you and Put your data to start your classes as soon as possible. 2) This is the option that we most recommend: click on any button that says “free trial class” and put your name, the language you want to learn and your phone. We will contact you to arrange the day and time that works for you, and you will be able to try in person what the Chinese or Japanese classes are like. We are so sure that you will love it that we prefer that you try them first so that you start more convinced.
Can I unsubscribe whenever I want?
Yes, of course, but let us know 15 days in advance so that you will not be charged for the next receipt.
Will I get any official certificate?
At Hanyu you will not receive an official certificate, but we test you to see if you are prepared to pass the official HSK or NOKEN exams. In addition, we will be by your side to explain everything you need to know about where to get your degree, how to do it… And we will prepare you in the best way so that on the day of the exam you go calm and confident.
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