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I have only been a month and a half with the individual classes and the virtual campus. The latter is super complete and they make many tools available (recorded classes, group classes, mini-classes,...). Customer service is also very good, they adapt to your needs completely... I changed from what was my Chinese school precisely because they don't adapt at all to the needs of schedules, time, level, etc... So I'm super happy !
Miguel Ángel
Miguel Ángel29/04/2022
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It has been a pleasure to study at Hanyu school, the attention at all times has been unbeatable in quality and fast in delivery. As for the professor who was assigned to me, David Chen, I have nothing but words of thanks for his teaching ability and sympathy. An indisputable 10!
Carlos Barquín
Carlos Barquín28/03/2022
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I have been studying Chinese with Hanyu Chinese School for about 3 months and my experience could not be more positive. With well organized and guided work, progress is being faster than you could imagine. My teacher, Wenmei, is exceptional: with impeccable flexibility that helps me combine Chinese study with work, very well distributed classes and a lesson-by-lesson orientation that is essential for me. I am loving studying Chinese.
Alicia C
Alicia C20/01/2022
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Good method to learn Chinese. My teacher is very nice and does everything possible so that you understand and the classes are enjoyable. Thanks Lisa!!I am loving studying Chinese.
Sara Martin
Sara Martin03/12/2021
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I am enrolled along with my 2 children aged 8 and 6, learning Chinese. The children's teachers, very patient, involved and fun, adapt to our schedules. My teacher is close and always adapting to my study rhythm. The virtual campus, easy to use and intuitive. In general, my progress is good in such a different language and the experience is recommended if you like to study at your own pace without giving up practicing a language with a native speaker.
José María
José María29/11/2021
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I think there is no academy with as many tools as Hanyu Chinese School has. The service is great.
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I was learning almost a year with them. The personalized 1-1 class system is very good and professional. They adapted to my level, need and learning pace. The monitor was from the country of origin and with a high level of knowledge and teaching. I must leave them for work reasons and spend long periods outside the country. I never had a teaching like this!!
Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio22/11/2021
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The best school for people who like to learn at their own pace. They provide you with all the materials you need to learn and practice grammar in a simple, efficient and interactive way on your own. The classes are conversations in which the concepts learned are practiced/reinforced and doubts are resolved. It is easy to progress, since the teachers are very understanding, friendly and adapt perfectly to your needs. They are all young people, native speakers and very friendly.
carlos david martin robles
carlos david martin robles27/10/2021
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Professionalism and seriousness. Our daughter receives Chinese classes; she is very happy and we are very satisfied with her great progress in a very short time, thank you very much Kaiyue !!! The commercial staff, accounting…. very attentive and efficient, Thank you Belen!!
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My two sons aged 10 and 13 have started their online Chinese classes a few months ago. They are delighted and so am I, I see them excited and learning more things every day. Her teacher, Daina, makes the classes, in addition to being entertaining and fun, very productive. Of course the experience could not have been more recommendable. we are absolutely delighted
Ruth Crespo
Ruth Crespo23/10/2020
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Fun and very effective teaching method. The teachers are very professional and friendly. I have been hiring Mandarin and French classes for my daughter for a year now. The best online language classes you have ever received. Congratulations to all the team.
Montse Gonzalez
Montse Gonzalez23/10/2020
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My daughter takes classes with a native teacher and she is delighted, motivated, she is making great progress. Learning is easy and the charming teacher connects great with the little ones.
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The campus is very good, it has a lot of activities and the online classes are very good.
Eduardo Castro Granados
Eduardo Castro Granados23/10/2020
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Hello. I always looked for a Chinese language course and I have been lucky enough to find this platform. Very complete and fun. It helps a lot to study. And above all, it adapts to my time needs. In short, it is excellent. I recommend it. Cheers
Ascension Sanchez Sanchez
Ascension Sanchez Sanchez23/10/2020
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My daughter loves it, so much so that she has been with Chino for just over a year and this has started with English reinforcements, she has connected very well with her teachers
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Fantastic school if what you want is for the teacher to adapt perfectly to your needs and schedule. Besides that my teachers are lovely. I recommend this school because, thanks to its system, one can take advantage of the money invested by learning the language of their choice from their teachers. My congratulations to the whole team!
Esther Pujol Flamarich
Esther Pujol Flamarich23/10/2020
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Excellent professionals, each and every one of them. Friendly and familiar treatment. You learn didactically, easily and with ease, super qualified teachers. Undoubtedly I recommend it without any hesitation.
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Undoubtedly the best way to learn languages, in my case hanyu, wonderful family, teachers, you learn quickly and easily from the first day.
Eduardo Ruiz
Eduardo Ruiz24/10/2020
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Very good way to learn Chinese. The campus is very complete and entertaining and the classes with the teacher are very helpful. 100% recommended
Stacy Carolina
Stacy Carolina24/10/2020
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I love studying Chinese at Hanyu Chinese School, I am learning a lot!
Noemi Gallardo
Noemi Gallardo24/10/2020
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The school is great. The teacher is very good. It suits my needs. She makes sure I understand everything and helps me use what I learn. I can consult when I need it. In addition to being a teacher, she is a friend.
Sonia Rubiño
Sonia Rubiño26/10/2020
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We are doing great since the classes are personalized and at home. The time is right for each person. In our case the children study English and Chinese. The teachers manage to capture the attention of the children for the duration of the class, they adapt to the pace of learning while making progress. Plus the kids have a good time.
Maria Toro
Maria Toro27/10/2020
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I am taking Chinese classes and I notice how I am progressing at a very good pace, the teacher is very competent and I am learning a lot. I'm delighted.
Júlia Dalmau Aranda
Júlia Dalmau Aranda26/10/2020
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I have been studying Chinese for a few years now and I couldn't be happier doing it with Hanyu Chinese School. From the beginning they have adapted to my needs and my schedules, since as a student it is complicated. Both the face-to-face classes and the online classes are enjoyable and you enjoy them a lot. I have already recommended it to all my friends!
Marcos Rodríguez Rubio
Marcos Rodríguez Rubio27/10/2020
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In just over a year studying with them I can hold a simple conversation in Chinese. Very happy and grateful to have chosen them. Paulo, my teacher makes the classes very enjoyable and there are some very practical tools on campus. In addition, they are always available for any questions. 100% recommended!
Lucia Sole
Lucia Sole28/10/2020
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I have been studying Chinese at Hanyu School for almost two years and I am very happy and satisfied with the classes. I have learned a lot, the teacher is great and I feel very motivated. My goal is to pass Hsk3 and with the school I will have all the support and help I need. I also recommend it for its flexibility and its educational resources such as the online campus.
Trustindex rating score: 4.9 of 5, based on 257 reviews.

What do we offer you in our courses?

A teacher just for you

You will not change teachers in each class. You will have a private teacher who will give you individualized and tailored online classes. You can choose the schedule you want.

professor one to one

Monitoring and coaching

Our method is as immersive as possible. Therefore, during the week, your teacher will contact you and give you exercises and audios to continue practicing.

coaching y seguimiento

Own interactive

We have the best online platform to learn Chinese and Japanese. Our courses have hundreds of videos, Master Classes, exercises, and games that will help you advance quickly with the language.


Own App
Hanyu Chinese School

We have designed an app to be able to follow the Chinese or Japanese courses from your mobile device. Access courses, classes, podcasts, and much more content from anywhere.

movil web

Access to daily
group classes

With any of our plans, you can access all the weekly review classes you want via Zoom. You will be able to participate live, review grammar concepts, improve your speaking, and have fun learning together with other students.

clases zoom (1)

Access to recorded classes whenever you want

You will be able to access all the recorded classes that have been carried out to date. If you missed the class with your group, don’t worry, you can watch it recorded as many times as you want and thus review the content or study whenever you want.

clases grabadas

Learn Chinese wherever and whenever you want


We fully adapt to your schedule. You can have your private class at any time.

Review Chinese or Japanese characters and grammar in daily group classes.

Study 15 min a day on our interactive platform following the teacher’s instructions.

Download the
Hanyu Chinese School app<

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app hanyu chinese school

Download the Hanyu Chinese School app and access all the content of our Online Campus, connect to the webinars, listen to our podcasts and ask your questions to the teachers in our forum.

Let's start!

  1. Ask for a personal interview with a free private class. In it we will explain you which is our method and we will evaluate your level.
  2. We will see how you can reach your goals and prepare material of your interest so that you can learn Chinese or any other language enjoying tha class.

Tell us about your needs and what kind of course do you want to take.

chica llamar por telefono contactar aprender chino

3 reasons to learn Chinese with Hanyu

metodo aprender chino chica con ordenador

We have motivated students

método aprender chino profesor

Regular practices

Weekly one-to-one classes to succeed in your progress.

metodo aprender chino conversacion

Personal coaching

A personal coach will accompany you along your progress making sure you reach your goals. He will get in touch with you during the week and help you engage in immersion activities like exercises, videos and audios

método aprender chino tiempo

A flexible schedule

You will be able to study with your teacher at a time convenient for you.

We use new technology

metodo aprender chino ipad movil

Virtual Campus

Practice just anywhere at any time. Virtual campus 24/7, available 365 days so that you don’t skip a day without doing some exercise or watching videos to have a full immersion in the language using our method (books, apps, videos, games)

icono metodo aprender chino juegos


There's a whole world outside the classroom: we have created our own animated videos, audios, online games, and exercises of all kinds, all in mandarin Chinese so that you enjoy learning and look forward to studying every day.

campus online aprender chino
clases de idiomas orientales y asiáticos para adultos autónomos empresas

We are a professional and commited team

metodo aprender chino icono


Carefully selected vocabulary. 2500 essential Chinese words chosen according to level and frequency order. The aim is to speak much from the start.

icono clase invertida


One–to–one classes in which an experimented teacher will talk to you and write simultaneosly 4x1: hearing comprehension, reading, writing and speaking all in the same session.

icono aprender chino método


We train your listening to improve your understanding. You will learn to speak and write 3 times faster.

They trust us

Any questions?

You can not miss it. It is a half-hour class with a private teacher in which the teacher will evaluate your level and you will start learning Chinese from minute one. If you are a beginner and you still have no idea of Chinese, this will be your first contact with the language, and that day you will begin to make your first steps. Believe it or not, after the trial class you will leave feeling that in half an hour you have learned Chinese. And if you already have some level of Chinese and you simply want to improve or perfect it, the test will help you to see what your level is and continue learning from there.

This is what you will like the most. Classes are private and are done via Skype, so you and your teacher will see each other at all times and you can talk. Classes last between half an hour and an hour. First, you will do a quick review of all the previous topics so that you never forget what you have already learned. Then you will learn new vocabulary and introduce it into the conversation (of course, the conversation will be in Chinese as much as possible, always adapted to your level). And in the last part of the class you will learn to read and write and you will do oral exercises together. Time will fly by with our Chinese course.

Of course. That is one of the advantages of studying Chinese online. You tell us what days and at what time you want to have your classes, and we adapt to your needs. And you can do the Campus exercises whenever you want, because it is open 24/7.

Very easy. You have two options: 1) In the main page menu, click on “Enroll”, and there you can choose the teaching plan that best suits you and enter your data to start your classes as soon as possible. 2) This is the option that we most recommend: click on any button that says “free trial class” and enter your name, the language you want to learn and your telephone number. We will contact you to arrange the day and time that works for you, and you will be able to try in person what the Chinese classes are like. We are so confident that you will love it that we recommend that you try it first so that you're raring to go!

Yes, of course, but let us know 15 days in advance so that you are not charged for the next bill.

At Hanyu you will not receive an official certificate, but we will test you to see if you are a language enthusiast ready to pass the official HSK exams. In addition, we will be by your side to explain everything you need to know about where to get your degree, how to do it... And we will prepare you in the best way so that on the day of the exam you are calm and confident.